Inspired by Mexico's traditional cafe de olla, our cacao brew version blends a dark roast coffee, with ground cacao, ceylon cinnamon and piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar).

Steep 1-2 Tbs. in  6oz water for 5-8 minutes.  French Press recommended.  

Ingredients: cacao*, coffee*, piloncillo*, *ceylon cinnamon* (*organic). 8oz/227g  Yields approx 18 servings 

Cafe de Olla, Cacao Brew

  • Eco-friendly * Handmade * Social Good * Organic * Woman Owned * Small Batch

    Established in the fall of 2016, Cultura Craft Chocolate is a Latin American inspired bean-to-bar chocolate making company with a mission to create truly amazing chocolate that has greater transparency, sustainability, and accessibility. Specifically inspired by the owner’s own experiences during her childhood trips to her family’s hometown in Mexico, Cultura seeks to honor and share the history and cultures of the communities where cacao originated.