Rio de Ojas offers a unique blend of Mexican Folk Art, Home Decor, Day of the Dead, Frida, Mexican Chocolates, Hand Painted Mexican Dishes, Imported Spanish Foods, and so much more...

 Hours and Policies

Tues - Thurs10-4, Fri & Sat 10-5, Sun 9-2

In response to the recent increase in cases locally we are temporarily reducing our hours.

We continue to invite you to grab your mask, & pay us a visit!

Free local delivery (5 miles with min order)

 Non-contact curbside drop off available.   

Talk to us if you need shipping or have other needs.   

What's New

Introducing Food Friday - try me!

Every week we will be featuring a food item or group with a discount to try them!  This week we are focused on stuffed olives from Spain

Events & Classes

starting a New year

...and sadly still not sure when we will be back to being able to resume old ways.

Looking back at pictures is both crazy sad and a great reminder of what we had & why it was special.

We will appreciate and value those times with you even more...this year has provided us all with perspective in the value of personal connection.

For now, as the numbers keep escalating, we will continue to work with artists at a distance.

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