Crushed candy for rimming cocktail glasses?

Yep,  Genius,  we know,  but somebody had to think of something to make your Martaritas happy!

Tamalitoz Crush is not like regular rimming sugar or salt. Because it’s candy, it sticks, really sticks, so you are actually candy coating the rim of your glass.  Sweet salty spicy goodness that lasts sip after sip.

It’s also great sprinkled on fruit, sherbet, or chamoyadas (if you haven’t tried a chamoyada, you need to have one now… like today. You can thank us later)

Watermellon Rim Mix


    Margarita Madness just mellowed out with this one, fresh, sweet, and just a little bit fruity. Rim your Margaritas with Divine Watermelon Tamalitoz Crush, its like spring break in Cancun (but without all the wet t shirt contest) just you, friends, sea, sand, sun and fun.