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Tamalitoz by Sugarox are the fiery fierce candy inspired by the sweet taste of Mexico. Taking your tastebuds on a vacation from sweet to heat and everything in between!

It all started at Sugarox Candy Studio, a tiny candy store in Mexico City making small batch hard candy and is owned and operated by husband & husband team, Jack and Dec.

Tamalitoz are not like traditional Mexican candy,  which are covered in Chili.  We put the chili on the inside,  so you get the sweet fruity flavor of the candy first.  As you suck on them, hints of tangy and sour heat come thru.  When you reach the center you get that “OMG!” Tamalitoz moment

Pineapple Tamalitoz

  • Why aren’t more people putting chili on their pineapple? We had to ask. It’s like not putting ice in a soft drink. Yuck! Hopefully, after you try Pineapple Galore Tamalitoz you will understand whey this is such a conundrum to us. Sweet, tangy, and delicious… You’re Welcome!

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