Making an offering

SKU: MX0013
  • Look closely at this special small piece full of detail.  Handmade in Mexico by lifelong dedicated artists.

    Size 2.2 x 3.5 x 6

    The artwork of Izucar is different from most, and it does not take a trained eye to notice the discrepancies between it and Day of the Dead work from other areas of Mexico. The art pieces of Izucar are bulky by nature lacking the finesse of other existing clay work. The range of colors used is usually very similar. But what sets these pieces apart from most is the characteristic geometric detail found painted on the pieces. When one looks closer, it is fascinating to see the effort that must have been made to individualize each and every piece created.

    “One must have a good set of eyes and a steady hand to do this type of work” says Montesinos. “Not everyone can master the skill it takes to paint these pieces”.