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Crafted Cocktails is a leader in the mixer and craft cocktail industry,  creating mixers that are naturally gluten free with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, dyes, or high fructose corn syrup.

Sophisticated flavor profiles in one low calorie, healthy package.

These mixers, known as the 'Original Mocktail,' offer a depth of flavor without being overly sweet. They're perfect for parties—simply pour over ice or mix with club soda for easy entertaining.

Size: 1 Liter.

Cocktail Mix

  • Bloody Mary - Raise your bar with a bloody mary cocktail mix.  This tangy blend of savory flavors is precision-crafted to deliver top-shelf taste with every pour.  Infused with natural flavors of tomato, horseradish, celery, and Worcestershire. 

    Margarita -Crafted to deliver just the right blend of citrus flavors with every pour. This healthy party-boosting cocktail is infused with flavors of lime, agave and orange. Margarita is so incredibly versatile it pairs perfectly with ALL of your favorite spirits.

    Spicy Watermelon - Top mixologists met in secret on the edge of town to concoct this palate-pleasing blend of watermelon, lime, mint and jalapeno flavors. Splash some of this most original brew over your favorite spirits and let the good times roll. Only 60 calories per serving.

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