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What’s old is new again as Shrubs are sweeping the globe as the natural cocktail enhancer of choice. 

Founder, Felicia Vieira, using old family recipies,  loves sharing her family’s passion for this natural, fruit-infused drinking vinegar which provides any cocktail a great tasting boost.

  • PAIR WITH ANY SPIRIT: Our Shrubs can be used with any spirit: Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, Bourbon, Tequila, Mezcal or Rum. And even Sparkling Wine and Champagne.
  • USE AS A NATURAL SODA OR FLAVORED WATER: Pair Shrubs with Sparkling Water and make a refreshing, low calorie natural soda.
  • VINEGAR IS A HEALTH AID: Vinegars are a natural health aid for many ailments. Get your daily vinegar shot in this great tasting beverage.
  • 30 SERVINGS PER BOTTLE: Shrubs are concentrated and packed with tons of flavor. Most recipes only need ½ ounce which means you get about 30 servings per bottle.
  • LOW CALORIE: A ½ ounce serving is only 25 calories, but still packs your drink with tons of flavor.


  • ASIAN PEAR SHRUBS - made from Asian pear, champagne vinegar and 100% real agave. Awarded a Sliver Medal, “Best Buy” and “Highly Recommended” by Great with vodka and gin as a martini.

    BLACKBERRY SHRUBS - made from blackberries, champagne vinegar and 100% real agave. A refreshing burst of berry flavors. Gives any cocktail a fruity edge. Perfect as a champagne topper.

    GINGER SHRUBS - made from ginger, champagne vinegar and 100% real agave. Fresh ginger flavor makes a sophisticated Mule or natural soda. The health benefits of ginger and champagne vinegar create a tasty, easy to drink digestive.

    STRAWBERRY SHRUBS - made from strawberries, champagne vinegar and 100% real agave. From the fields of California comes the fresh flavor of strawberry to enhance your cocktails or sodas.

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